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Specyfikacja techniczna – dane z pudełka:

  • Supports DNS register;
  • Support H.323 SIP, MGCP protocol;
  • Support DHCP automatic allocation of IP address and other parametrs;
  • Support a variety of NAT passing and firewall passing;
  • Meet ITU-T standard as well as generation and test of DTMF;
  • Support ILBC G.711A/U G.723.1 5.3/6.3 and G.729A/B/AB/GSM610 algotithm of voice coding and decoding;
  • Supports PPPoE protocol (When used on ADSL and Cable Modem connection);
  • Voice prompt of keyboard operation;
  • Supports real-time volume adjusting;
  • Internal time-server can indicate standard time of all main time zones;
  • Voice response system indicating duration of last call and remaining account balance;
  • Double-interface telephone can provide two RJ45 standard 100M exchanger interfaces;
  • Watchdog;

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